Friday, March 31

Even if they feel they are doing what they want,But maybe one day they will regret that some of the things they have done are too late,Or the time I should cherish is not cherished。

When the time comes to reminisce about my life,Maybe work besides work,In that case, life is really dull,What Xiao Fan hopes is that they can experience the joy of progress more in the process of progress。
At the same time, you can experience the joy of life,Instead of just being immersed in work and becoming a working machine,Just like Chu Yao at the beginning。See their expressions,Xiao Fan also let go,Know they have their own ideas。
Chapter six hundred and seventeen Confide in
Then Xiao Fan explained his work to Shen Lin and Su Ran,I plan to go home,She also knows that her job is too much to occupy most of her life,He also wants to adjust some of his life habits。
after all,People’s status also needs to be adjusted frequently。
Usually he may put work first,Because he feels obligated to do something,Because he doesn’t just do work for his own benefit,Or for some other things。
If you talk about money,Maybe Jiao Fan thinks that no one in the world has as much money as his,So he doesn’t need to waste his time for these petty profits。
He tends to value his work,Or devote more of my time to work,Because he is responsible for more people,He wants to ensure that more people have nothing to worry about。
So whether it is from Xiao Fan’s company or from the base,,No matter what some conditions are the best。The salary and some living conditions they get are top-notch,That no one else can get。
Of course this is actually a personal ability of their own,Because they are capable,So whether you get the salary or the treatment,All very good。
There are no idlers and no waste under Xiao Fan,Because such a person can’t get Xiao Fan’s eyes at all,I can’t enter Xiao Fan’s company and his base。
So Xiao Fan felt that he should be more responsible for these outstanding people,To ensure that their future is open and honest,Not because of some laziness,Or because some of my own negligence ruined everyone’s future。