Friday, March 31

“Unexpectedly?I have seen a lot of people like you!Self-righteous,Unforgettable,But overturned the boat in the gutter。You have two seconds left,Goodbye!”Ji Deming laughed loudly。

One second,Two seconds,Three seconds passed,The mysterious assassin still hasn’t fallen,But there was a strange smile on that handsome face。
“How?how is this possible?”Ji Deming was stunned on the spot,He knows the power of that high-explosive armor-piercing bullet,Even the thicker decks of battleships can penetrate,The poison on it can kill a thousand people instantly,Already the maximum dose。
Peng!Only heard a muffled noise,The armor of the mysterious man was torn apart by some invisible force,Zhenfei in all directions,Show his true face。
Ji Deming only glanced,Suddenly scared my scalp numb,Stiff,Because he has never seen such a creature。
This mysterious assassin has the appearance of a human race,Slender limbs,Body muscles have clear lines,Full of explosive power,But it definitely does not belong to the human race,Because it also has a dark green skin,There is a faint metallic luster on the skin,It is covered with black spots the size of a coin,Every black spot exudes a strong energy breath,Like huge pores that breathe,Between one and one,To create a kind of superbly rhythmic and mysterious beauty。
It has horns like longhorn beetles on its head,And it has a human face,Line proportion is almost perfect,A long tail is wrapped around its back waist,Looks extremely flexible,Comparable to an arm,Such a humanoid,There are obviously human genes,But it is definitely not human。
The one who appeared here was the clone number one of the king of destruction, Ah Chun,Including the giant bees that attacked the Jinghu line before,Are all its subordinates,They pioneered a group of dark boar monsters to attack the line of defense,And then burst out from the high-altitude clouds,Broke the Jinghu line of defense in one fell swoop。
If it weren’t for Lu Menglin’s confession, the mission goal was to hunt this Master Ji Deming,Try to keep the integrity of the Jinghu line of defense,Soldiers of the 14th Mechanic,It’s impossible to survive under the attack of a poisonous bee colony。
The appearance of clone one and the last time it appeared,Has changed a lot,It becomes closer to humans,Its original worm face,I don’t know when it started,Has become a human face,And it’s been shaped perfectly。
The high-explosive armor-piercing projectile just hit the chest of Doppelganger One,A blood hole the size of a fist was punched in its chest,but,Such injuries did not affect its combat effectiveness at all。
“Is it just that?Still far away!”There is a sunny smile on the face of Clone One,It’s the same thing as someone’s smile。
While it smiles,The fist-sized wound on the chest is shrinking at a speed visible to the naked eye,Then disappear completely,The skin on the chest closes,Looks complete as before。