Thursday, June 1

Huo Yun was over-excited and insomnia,Lying in bed tossing about and unable to sleep,Keep thinking about the picture they are together,Xiao Nizi’s heart opened because of drinking,Makes him inexplicably excited;And my own kiss,She did not refuse,A feeling of heat in the chest,The body also reacted。

No way,This picture is too beautiful,Can’t recall,Huo Yunhe stopped Yinian in time,Keep playing back what she said,to be frank,He didn’t understand what she said,Especially forgive or something,Don’t know what it means。
If it’s because of a work mistake.wrong,She’s just assistant secretary,No specific responsibility,Where is the mistake??
Then forgive what she said,What exactly is it??
Forget it,forget about it,Before tonight,They are just the relationship between boss and subordinate,Nothing happened to him;In the future,Did something wrong,He will teach her,Won’t give her a chance to make mistakes。
Men are meticulous at work,Not necessarily in life,Huo Yunhe is the same,If he knew the true meaning of Yang Liu’s apology tonight,Would never have such a big idea,and so,When things didn’t happen,Everyone is buddhist,When talking big,I don’t even think about whether I can do it。
willow,Yiyi,What a poetic name,Huo Yunhe imagined the weeping willow by the lake,Blowing in the breeze,Slightly swinging picture。
That soft branch,Green leaf bud,Floating in the wind on his face,Show off Move his heart。
He has never been in love,I don’t know how it feels to miss someone,But his heart was surging because of the acquiescence of Yang Liu,original,This is love,Exciting and sweet!
Half asleep and half awake,Huo Yunhe thought of another question,Asked herself why she didn’t put ornaments on the table,Her answer was that she might leave one day,Such a sloppy talk,Really good?
If she is wanting,That only means she succeeded!
Since she herself“not in the mood”Buy accessories,Then help yourself,Generally, there is a table on the table of female employees,There are green plants,And little dolls,She is a girl at the time of youthful glory,I shouldn’t refuse these things, right??
Go to the flower shop tomorrow,Are there any special gadgets to put on the table,Both beautiful,Without careful care。
My cousin likes succulent,Raised a lot of pots,Colorful,Small and cute,They are about the same age,I should like it too?
The doll is going to the mall,Tomorrow night,Take her to the mall after get off work,Buy whatever she likes,In case she likes Tusky,And send Peppa Pig myself,Then it’s meaningless。
He asked so much,There seems to be nothing to talk to,Start a topic so that each other is not embarrassed,Actually his subtext is to know what she likes,To further express my love。
He is straight,Won’t be roundabout,Especially in love,You must do what you like to get twice the result with half the effort,Although giving flowers is tacky,But it’s the best way to express love,As long as she doesn’t hate herself,Will definitely accept it。
Since he paid attention to the willows,I found that many male employees of the company took the opportunity to have lunch and went to her to brush up on their presence,And she can chat with anyone,Makes him very angry,Must speed up the attack,Put your own label on her,Make her the only person in her eyes!
Start tomorrow,He will use a fierce offensive,Use practical actions to let those annoying bullflies know that the willow flower has a master,Don’t worry about it anymore,Dare to grab him,You have to have that ability!