Thursday, June 1

“Why does this guy still hit me?”Leopard wondered。

“Close to you,He may think he has no place to hit me,Just grab you。Besides, your man,He presupposes that you will definitely do it,Someone will deal with you。”Chen Wenjin,Took the phone,Walked away,Dialed a number。
“You call Brother Chen?”Abao guessed so,He had heard Brother Chen talk about how he met Chen Wenjin before,I know that Brother Chen must be wrong with this person。
“if not?”Chen Wenjin thought about setting up a set just now,Take a moment to entice these guys to jump in for money,Then sent to jail。
But thinking it’s a bit troublesome to operate,He doesn’t want to be complicated if he can be simple,Changed Wang Shuai’s words,Can be more complicated,It won’t be easy。
Chen Wenjin thought of something more complicated,Have to try to put aside the relationship,That’s more troublesome,Then I still angered by words,Make sure not to hurt Xiao Xiao and Amei,As long as these people will come at him for a while,There is no chance for them to move the two girls。
As for now,You can’t just leave after you put these people down,Because these people will retaliate for trouble,The easiest and most convenient way to save trouble,That’s to find the enemy of this guy。
Brother Chen happened to be,And Chen Wenjin knows him。
Chen Wenjin forgot the broken dishes and lost the money to the owner of the food stall,As for money,Leopard directly took the wallet of this group to pay the bill,Said they broke it,As it should be。
Xiao Xiao and Amei waited in the car for a while,Brother Chen brought someone here,Four vans came。
“Little brother,I owe you another favor!”Brother Chen’s people tied up all these people and carried them onto the car,Drove away again。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two Do you know?
When Chen Wenjin drove away,Xiao Xiao asked curiously:“Where will they take that group of people?Not all……”
“Not so cruel。There may be a feud,Just let it go,If you can squeeze some juice。”Chen Wenjin finished,Seeing Xiao Xiao’s expression clearly what he was thinking,Just say:“Many people on this road are like this,All stuttering。Anyone who can bully and squeeze some oil and water will not let go,Morality,Just won’t do nothing,But provoke,I won’t solve problems with you。If you don’t speak morality, you can get it cheap。I think,It’s nice if we come out to play if we have nothing to do,I still don’t get caught up with these people and things。”
Xiao Xiao nodded repeatedly,Highly agreeable:“Yes yes yes!I was thinking about this!These people are terrible,A kidnapped Wang Shuai,This is simply the logic of robbers who want to steal cars and people!I can’t believe it happened in modern times!”
“It’s not certain whether Xiao Wang really owes him money!”Chen Wenjin continues to strengthen Xiao Xiao’s impression,Say:“They just find a reason,Try to bully。This is not moral,See it cheap。”
May listen,Suddenly said sharply:“and so,Abao speaks too loudly,Let them find out?”