Thursday, June 1

This moment,Everyone’s heart is in the throat,All thinking,Wuhao’s Magic Shield,Can you stop the shocking blow of the dragon sword??

Lu Menglin in the beam of light,Eyes calm as a lake,Looking directly at the opponent in front of you,There is no wave in my heart。
And the moment Gongsun Shouxuan was swinging the dragon sword,Three more smiles on my face,As if laughing at the opponent’s ignorance。
Can you stop?Can Wuhao’s shield block a blow from the dragon sword??
At the moment when everyone was in fear,Gongsun Shouxuan’s wrist suddenly turned and twisted,The gleaming golden dragon sword dazzled like a dragon halfway,Turn around,Actually deflected the direction actively!
This sword,Did not stab Wu Hao in the beam of light!Most of the people present can see the changes in swordsmanship,Can’t help but froze for a while。
what happened?Could it be that Gongsun Shouxuan had no intention of killing Wu Hao,Deliberately release water?
Then the sword light flashed,That dragon sword stabbed Wu Hao’s side with lightning speed.,A sword stabbed the beauty with a hat in the chest。
“Bitch!Damn!”Gongsun Shouxuan succeeded with a sword,Homeopathic erupted with a shocking sword,A prick and a stir,Blasted all the power into the beauty’s body。
Under such violent sword intent,Pierced by a sword,There is no reason for that beauty to be spared!
Everyone present was shocked,Can’t adapt to this weird change!
Didn’t Gongsun Shouxuan come to challenge Wu Hao??Why does he take a full sword,Assassinate the beauty beside Wu Hao!
Who is that beauty?Why was Gongsun Shouxuan assassinated?,And what is so special about her identity,Why keep wearing a hat?
In everyone’s hearts,There is a sense of absurdity at this moment,But at the same time I felt a deep fear。
just in case,In case under that hat,Is a very important person?