Thursday, June 1

Especially the people who delivered some news last night,So he ran desperately。

Just how desperately,It all has no effect。
Qin Feng had already caught it。
“Ugh,seriously,I have already told you,If you have the mind,Then come directly to find me,But what is the situation with you?Is this trying to provoke me?”
Qin Feng said lightly,His combat effectiveness has already made Jiang Yan a little ignorant。
“What’s the situation?”Jiang Yan looked at Qin Feng and asked with some anxiety。
“Humph,You let me go,I just came in to take a look。”
The man yelled frantically,But Qin Feng said indifferently:“All right,Don’t waste our time,You tell me,What did you arrange for。”
To know,I really want to track down something,That’s easy,If you really force me to this point,At that time, none of you will stay。
Qin Feng already knew who these people might be,But how can he force these people to say
words,He wants to make all these people chill。
“what,I don’t have anyone arranged。I don’t understand what you are talking about,you……”
What else does that person want to say,Qin Feng stabbed that person at random。
“what……Do not,What did you do to me?”That person did not expect,Qin Feng would have done such a cruel thing。
“This is a gift for you,I remember a few more outside,Anyway in this case,The hospital has no way to check,Some things you understand。”