Friday, March 31

Seeing the fragrance here can’t help but frown。

“Shouldn’t,They are not so stupid!”
Yes,At the moment these members can only use a stupid word to describe in Fragrant’s eyes。They will not expand the scope first,Then slowly form a circle to gather together??How can they play their due role in the past??
However, thinking that the team of 20 or 30 people was besieging because she waited for these people to form an encirclement before taking action, so she gave them a chance to win。
But now it seems,I seem to overestimate this group of people。Or,Or too little actual combat experience?
In short,Without any reminder,These people fall down so that it’s called a simply,Makes her look quite embarrassed。
Qin Feng continued his record of one sword at a time,But this is not his intention,He didn’t actually want to make it complicated。I just want to solve the opponent quickly。
Besides,Without a thermal weapon,These people can hardly pose a threat to him。
“I go,So more than 20 people fell?”
Li Huan, who was watching at this time, felt that these people were stupid and painful。of course,If Li Huan fights with them alone, the probability of Li Huan winning is definitely higher.。
“I really don’t compare with Master!”
Li Huan trusts Qin Feng extremely。the most important is,Thirty people are down now,Qin Feng’s side is not down at all,It seems that dealing with these people will not consume his energy。This is embarrassing,At least if more than two hundred people fail to bring Qin Feng down,How weak is the fighting ability of this team?
As for Zhao Shuo and Gao Ping now want to join the battle,But was stopped by Zhong Fa。
“Trust Qin Feng boss,His strength is much stronger than what you see!”
The two heard this,Eyelids twitched,In fact, it’s not that they want to help Qin Feng。But they just want to bring these people down,What they said before was really bad。
They don’t understand why Qin Feng can’t be angry,That’s the Tamron troops who slandered them!
Just as the siege members fell one by one。
When the team completely forms a circle,Qin Feng had already brought down nearly fifty people。