Thursday, June 1

On the contrary, there is more sadness,And it’s a deep, deep sadness。

Turns out this woman is like this city,It looks the same when placed in front of people during the day,When it’s night alone,It will become another way。
she was,How many secrets are there?
“How did your mother pass away?”Xiao Fan hesitated for a long time,After all, I asked this question。
Qiao An’an’s smoke has gone out,Looked at the cigarette butt in his hand,Smiled bitterly,Qiao Anan picked up the glass,Two sips against the blue starry sky。
Sure enough, the potency of this wine is not something ordinary women can control,Two sips of wine,Qiao Anan couldn’t help coughing twice。
Turn to Xiao Fan:“Don’t mention unhappy things,You still have a drink with me!”
Xiao Fan realized that this might be another sad story,Since Qiao Anan is not willing to say,There is no need for him to keep asking。
It’s really uncomfortable to see Qiao An’an,Xiao Fan had no choice but to say:“Ok,I’ll go and ask for a drink!”
Soon,Xiao Fan is back,Looking at the wine in Xiao Fan’s hand,Qiao Anan laughed and said:“Xiao Fan,That’s how you drank with me,Your glass of wine is the lowest alcohol in this bar, right?!”
Xiao Fan didn’t care,Said:“Missy,I drank a lot just now。”
Qiao Anan was taken aback,This is the reaction,indeed,Xiao Fan really drank a lot at Yuding Hotel just now,How could I forget it??
If not him,Today she wants to sign this contract,It’s as difficult as climbing!
Thought of here,Qiao An’an raised the wine glass in his hand again,Said:“Thank you for today,I will tell Mr. Lin truthfully,do not worry,I will never take your credit。”
Xiao Fan smiled bitterly,Credit?He never cared about these things!
As long as it can help Lin Yuna,Even if she doesn’t know,So why not do it?
These sips of wine,Qiao Anan is already a little drunk,She lifted her butt and sat next to Xiao Fan,Asked him by the arm:“Xiao Fan,Can you dance?”