Thursday, June 1

Not only Dong Xiao,Other anchors present,Also guessing the next plot。

It can be said,Now the scene of Populus being blocked,There are countless people watching。
Huazi is a little flustered,Secretly asked Hu Yang:“Can’t you sit casually??”
The audience in their live broadcast room,Also a bit strange,Few people doubt the strength of Brother Hu。Brother Hu said to buy a car,Could there be fakes?This kind of car,Although it’s a famous car,But for Brother Hu,,What kind of?
“Tut!This staff,I have no eyesight!”
“Can’t blame others,Look at Brother Hu,All over,Is it like someone who can afford this kind of car??Besides,Still playing live,At first glance, it makes people suspect that they are here to play。”
“Haha!Live streaming is the point。”
“Yes!There are a lot of anchors here,It seems that the organizer also hates these anchors。”
“Waiting for the beautiful staff to look surprised。”
“I read,Other anchors,I’m afraid I’m watching Hu’s jokes too,Wait for a face slap!”
“Wait for a face slap!”
Hu Yang took a look at her,Then speak:“Let your manager come。”
The audience in each anchor room burst into laughter,This line,It’s too classic。so many people,Encounter such a difficult staff,Will do the same,Let the manager come out。
I saw that beauty keeps her professional smile,Shook his head:“Sorry!This is what our manager meant。”
This is embarrassing。
The people in the live room continued to laugh。