Thursday, June 1

Heard what Yuan Qing said,Korean Xiang couldn’t help but smile,And Yuan Qing, who is opposite her, holds her head up,A look of reluctance to admit defeat。

“Why should i be afraid?Have you ever heard that the police are afraid of thieves?of course,I’m not talking about you,But you have to be clear,I’m not afraid of bad guys like your brother,How could i be afraid of you!”
Han Yuxiang smiled confidently,Equally confident,She believes that Yuan Qing has no chance to do it in her home,Otherwise Xiang Chen won’t bring her up,And will not leave Yuan Qing in her own home at will,But he went to fight with father。
It seems that this man is quite reliable!Han Yuxiang turned his head and looked at the two men who were still at the table and refused to give up,Gentle eyes,It seems that such a small happiness is also very exciting。
On the other side of the table,Han Yuxiang couldn’t hear clearly what his father was saying to Xiang Chen,But looking at the expressions of the old and the young,I don’t want to fight hard anymore。
Vaguely heard myself whispering……
“Yesterday the flowers bloomed,Nowadays there are thousands of flowers in the sky。Shi Rong Shi Ji Sanchun Xiu,Change virtual with one night wind。Extravagant time,Who is poor in the world。A hundred years of prosperity,It’s like a dream。”
I only felt sour before,Now I hear my father drunk and moaning,Han Yuxiang realized that he could and can experience a little bit of meaning……
Chapter Two Hundred and Nine Return
on the table,For the first time, Han Zhili, who had prepared a meal for his daughter, fell asleep deeply.。
Xiang Chen glanced at Han Zhili who was already snoring,Although there is suspicion of his own fruit,But after all, I was sober on the wine table,So Xiang Chen counted this victory on his own body.。
It was a successful revenge for the last time,Xiang Chen would also like to thank Yao Yao for his hell training during this period,Otherwise, my drinking volume won’t increase so quickly。
It’s like some people lose face on women and find them back on women,Lost at the wine table,Naturally, you have to put it back on the wine table!
Reddish complexion,When Xiang Chen looked at the sleeping Han Zhili,Also loose eyes。