Thursday, June 1

Qin Feng is like a demon,Before doing bad things,That’s a thorough consideration of everything。

I heard Qin Feng’s words,That person also looked terrified,He is very clear,What will this happen。
“Do not,You can’t do this。”The man was very scared and said。
“Ha ha,You are already like this,What’s the mind to say so much nonsense??I will give you five minutes,Made things clear to me,Otherwise I will abolish your family,You can bet that the Lin family will keep your mouth shut for you。”
Qin Feng didn’t want to do this kind of fisherman’s profit,But some people have brain damage,He doesn’t mind helping out。
“you……”That man looked helpless,Finally he lowered his head and said:“I said that,Will you let us go?”
“I want to visit you。”Qin Feng has never been bullied,People who still do nothing。
Jiang Yan also looked at Qin Feng with some concern,She feels here,Seems to get too much protection。
“I said……I am from the Fang family。”The man also said helplessly,His eyes are full of frustration。
Because he finally betrayed his family。
Qin Feng doesn’t know how powerful the Fang family is,But he is also very clear,That is, since this family can already make the Lin family like this,That must be something extraordinary,At least I want to make myself jealous。
But Qin Feng thought of a situation,He is also a bit early,Because he didn’t understand why those guys would shoot at Jiang Yan。
Is this trying to slay his persecution??Qin Feng didn’t relax either,He killed everyone else。
You know that in front of absolute strength,Some things are simply incomparable。
of course,This is already happening now,Qin Feng is naturally going to do his best to handle the matter properly。
The first element is to get Lin Qianqian,If there is no such guy,Qin Feng’s side is also easy to enter other people’s traps。