Thursday, June 1

Then Jiang Yan fully understood,But they all seem very difficult to understand。

“I can’t understand why,these things。”Jiang Yan asked。
“Of course you can’t understand,How could you, a person who has never experienced cultivation, understand such a profound mentality?。”Qin Feng rolled his eyes involuntarily。
When I first started,After the master passed the memory to him,He doesn’t understand anything,Then the master told him from the most basic,Have been talking for more than a year。
In the end, I almost understood the basics before I started practicing slowly。
After Qin Feng arranged everything,I went back to my room and started practicing。
Last time because of the spiritual power of the ancestors of the Jiang family,I’m about to break the Kaiyuanshen embryo,Enter the realm of samurai。
Qin Feng sat on the bed and closed his eyes,Start running Beidou7star13Acupuncture。
Soon,The primordial god embryo in the Qin Feng Dan Sea,Micro cracks appeared on the surface。
In a short while, Qin Feng could feel the fluctuations of life emanating from the embryo of the primordial spirit in Danhai。
Just like a chick just about to hatch。
Qin Feng kept running the techniques he cultivated,Use this method to speed up the hatching of embryos。
Just enter by yourself,Samurai realm,You can enter cultivation by yourself,This will be a whole new world。
As the advancing master said,Just enter the realm of samurai,Will be completely different from what you thought and knew before。
inhThe state has a saying that you can see as far as you stand,This sentence is also applicable in the practice world,When your cultivation level is high,You can discover that the wider world owns me,Is something I can’t have。
As long as you can reach enough height,You can control your own destiny,No longer limited by the natural laws of heaven and earth。
Soon,Qin Feng sees itself inside Danhai,Suddenly Dan is above the sea,Suddenly lightning and thunder sounded like ghosts and gods roaring when the world opened up,There is a war,A fairy lost his life in a while,That demon lost his life for a while。