Thursday, June 1

“Hey,What’s the matter with you,Why can they go in,We can’t?”

“Because they have certificates。”
“But I didn’t see them take it out either,It’s hard to see that they have a certificate?”
Really mad,Can say such things?
The guard looked at them up and down,Save you,Involved in trouble,Who knows if it’s a good person。
“of course,You can go in if you are also wearing designer clothes。”
Yingzi almost got angry and exploded,This one is too good at bullying!
“No way,I have to go in today!”
The guard suddenly became fierce,Even draw out the weapon:“what,You still want to make it hard?”
Xia Chenglong moves his feet slightly,Forget about bullying,If they dare to do,Then……
At this moment,There are four or five people coming here,Headed by an old man in his sixties,Gorgeously dressed,Other people on both sides。
“what happened?”
The guard was about to scold someone,See the interrogator’s collar lace,Immediately bowed slightly,Show respect。
“grown ups,I suspect they have tried,So stay and question。”
“You fart,We just want to go in and get a certificate,Turns out you want money,Still not admit!”Yingzi is outspoken,Directly explain the reason。