Friday, March 31

must admit,Edward·Fulong is a rare beautiful boy,Otherwise there will be no media《Terminator2》After the heat, he was“Beauty that the blind can see”,Everyone didn’t care much before,But now Edward·Fulong was pushed out so grandly by Chen Geng,The reporters looked closely,Suddenly to Edward who was shy·Fulong is shocked:How could there be such a handsome boy?

“Fulong was discovered by James,”Chen Geng continued:“James told me personally,This is a very good young man,His future is limitless。”
For Edward·The Fall of Fulong,Chen Geng is actually quite a pity,If edward·Fulong goes well,It may not be much worse than the little plum who likes to play with water guns,Even if it becomes defective later,But that face is not inferior to Keanu·Reeves,Also a handsome guy,This life,Chen Geng wants to try to change this kid’s life——Maybe you can make this kid and Xiaoli hold a water gun?
Thinking of Edward·The scene of Fulong and Xiaoli holding water guns,Chen Geng feels extraordinarily visual。
The reporters don’t know Chen Geng’s careful thinking,They were all shocked by Chen Geng’s introduction:Does even Mr. Cameron have such a high opinion of this child??
Even Edward·Fulong also looked at Chen Geng in shock:Does Mr. Fernandez take me so seriously??
Chen Geng continued:“I know everyone has some doubts about what I said,It’s ok,Please wait and see,Wait《Terminator2》After the show,Let’s take a look at Fulong’s performance in the movie,I know if what I said is true。”
He looks confident。
Chen Geng’s confident appearance,It makes the reporters present feel a little confused:Could it be,This handsome guy is really a genius?
But regardless of Edward·Is Fulong a genius?,After Chen Geng said this,,Everyone is not stingy with their own film:Anyway, this thing is a consumable,What’s wrong with taking more pictures?And everyone admits,This is Edward·Fulong’s boy is indeed handsome。
Of course the point cannot be on a little guy,Edward is finished·After Fulong,Chen Geng pointed to Arnold sideways:“This one,I believe everyone knows,Hollywood’s real tough guy、Super action star,Arnold,Come,Say hello to everyone。”
“Gentlemen,Ladies,Hello everyone,I am your old friend Arnold,”A muscular Arnold,You can’t see the arrogance of Hollywood action superstars at this moment,He smiled and greeted the reporters present,A mouth is his iconic、German English:“I’m back。”
Compared to Edward·Fulong this little kid,Arnold got a lot of applause and screams,This guy is now the hottest action star in Hollywood,Although the media for Arnold、Stallone and Boo are the ones in Hollywood action moviesNO.1Has been quite controversial,But no doubt,Arnold is definitely one of the top two super action stars,T—800What kind of bloody storm can be set off on the screen this time,Always what everyone expected,Many of the questions asked by reporters are also directed at this……
“Mr. Schwarzenegger,Can you reveal some inside story of this movie?”
“Mr. Schwarzenegger,Working with Mr. Cameron again,What do you think?”
“Do you think this《Terminator2》How much can the box office reach?”
“Mr. Schwarzenegger,you think……”