Friday, March 31

Cold wind did not see any complacency on his face,Smoking a cigarette very calmly,The tone is still calm and calm。“This is nothing,I was not big back then,Most of them are two seniors。Our Wuguan in Peng City,Several of them were opened by brothers who had no hair,Each one is based on typing,People on the road know their deeds。The most famous is that the two brothers were charged protection fees for opening a martial arts gym.,Over one hundred and eighty,That’s really amazing,My master said that although my talent is high,At least you have to practice for eight or nine years to reach that level。”

Chen Wenjin looked,What the cold wind said,A story told in my memory。Cold wind is as in memory,Calmly brag,Especially easy for young girls to believe,Some time in contact with,It’s hard to find his hidden mask,I thought he was calm and peaceful,Refreshing and reliable friend。
Chen Wenjin’s first lesson about the evil of human nature,It was the cold wind on him,If it’s not Xiao Gao,His price for this lesson will definitely be higher。
The cold wind attracted everyone’s attention,Even Leopard listens with gusto,Emotional,Full of brains,The fantasy of fighting alone。
Butterflies whispered in an ear that didn’t feel interesting:“You didn’t listen carefully。”
“Have it?”Chen Wenjin asked in a low voice。
“Distinguish the spirit,It’s like the kind of look at the teacher in a daze in class。”Butterflies chuckle when they say,At the end:“Actually you don’t believe what he said,Right?”
“It seems you don’t believe it。”
“My dad arrested many people before,Although I don’t care about those things now,But his old colleagues often come by,Some special cases will be discussed at the dinner table。In reality, although the practitioners are powerful, they are not that ridiculous,I’m exhausted after dozens of punches,Not to mention that people are not a tofu target,Can make him get down with a punch?The soldiers who play the Three Kingdoms game have to draw a few more times before they fall!”Butterfly said with contempt:“This cold wind,I don’t look like a good person,You can stay away from him!”
‘No wonder the eyesight is good……I really didn’t see it back then。’Chen Wenjin thought and asked:“My appearance is similar to the cold wind,Why don’t you think i’m a bad guy?”
“Your temperament was a bit like him before,But it’s actually different。Look at the eyes,The human heart will show in the eyes,Unless it’s acting,Otherwise it is difficult to hide it completely,The bad guy’s worldview is dark,The turbidity in the eyes is easy to find。Hey,Actually, I can’t describe it clearly。When I was young, I went to my dad’s work more often,Saw many suspects,You can tell the difference if you read too much。”What Butterfly is talking about is also Chen Wenjin’s experience,But this may also vary from person to person,Everyone has different sensitivity to these,And when observing others, you have to put aside your own preferences and other influences。
“I thought you were defenseless when I had a barbecue that day,I feel you are too safe,Seems to be correct。It’s just that your sense of security probably comes from the confidence of your family,And you have practiced it yourself。”
“Catching the yin,Skillful means of pulling ears and stepping on toes,The spray in the bag is always ready to spray people and tears, eyes are swollen for two days,No more, there is a banned massacre electric shock device!”Butterfly is very proud,Added a sentence:“But it’s not necessary,Report yourself to your family first,Daoists who have sucked their brains do not dare to do anything to cause such trouble。What kind of big brother has to squat holding his head and report his name and ID number,You,Have fun,Don’t think they are the truth of the world。”