Thursday, June 1

The flight attendants present are all insiders,Of course they know,Gulfstream Aerospace is the world’s luxury manufacturer,Famous manufacturer of large business jets,1999Completely acquired by General Dynamics,The main product is Gulfstream aircraft。

“The maximum cruising speed of this aircraft is0925Maher,In speed085The range can be up to 13,000 kilometers at Mach,With high-speed wings and sweep angle,Use special terrain data to show the environmental conditions around the aircraft,Suitable for low visibility。”
Liu Niu’er triumphantly introduced。
“The cabin is equipped with an independent kitchen and independent ventilated toilets,At an altitude of 15,000 meters,The cabin pressure is only equivalent to 1,400 meters and 80 meters,At a height of 12,000 meters,Only equivalent to 850 meters。
Can accommodate up to eighteen passengers,Maximum range,13890Kilometer,high speed099Maher。how?Bring energy?”
A series of data was reported by Liu Niuer like a few treasures,Everyone present,Including Lu Menglin and Chen Jiannan,Both looked at him curiously。
This old man is already 50 or 60 years old,He is so familiar with the most advanced private jets,As if growing up on an airplane,It’s incredible。
Especially that agent, Miss Gillian,I even looked at Liu Niu’er’s style,I can’t help but wonder。
“Oh my god!Are these men all together?It’s just that young and handsome ,Why is such an old man still full of energy,The temperament is great!these people,These men,It would be great if you can sign back to the company!”Miss Gillian has fully started to fill up all kinds of unrealistic reveries in her mind。
She didn’t know,When the flight attendants learned that she was invited on this Gulfstream600Time,I don’t know how much envy and hatred!
“It looks like,Seems to be safe!Even if these men have any bad thoughts,I don’t seem to suffer too much!private plane,what!what!This is the first time I stepped on it!”
Just when Miss Gillian was ignorant,Before I fully recovered,Everyone has boarded this Gulfstream600Private jet,Started to apply to the airport control tower for permission to fly。
“boss,How about this plane?Cool?And it’s a super bargain!”Liu Niu’er smiled。
“how to say?”Lu Menglin smiled faintly。
“Remember our 5 billion gambling capital?There was a rich man who couldn’t make up so much cash for a while,Just booked this plane again,Just give us a 30% discount。The plane is in our hands as soon as it leaves the factory,Brand new,It’s only over 40 million。”Liu Niu’er laughed so close。
He made his fortune in the Golden Triangle,Limited by status,I thought I could only feed mosquitoes in the rainforest for the rest of my life,How did you know that after following Lu Menglin,Can be on Hong Kong Island at will,Even free access to the mainland,Not to mention being able to board a private jet,Fly where you want,So fucking cool!
“What’s the matter with your uniform?You also fly a plane?”Lu Menglin pointed to Liu Niu’er’s new clothes,Casually smiled。
“Hehe!Boss, don’t you know!I drove a MiG when I was young29of,This kind of airliner is trivial。From now on I will be your personal butler,Where are you flying,I’ll follow!You show me the world,Even if I didn’t live in vain!”Liu Niu’er smiled with emotion。