Thursday, June 1


In a small street corner off the beaten track,In the deep alley inside,There were screams and screams。
“Please,Let me go,I don’t know Taishan,Offended the boss,I don’t dare anymore”。Talking is a man with injuries all over his body,He was trembling all over,Curled up with his head in his hands,Step back。
Man’s ear,Corners of the mouth,Instant bleeding from the nose。
Yunxiang removed the right foot that was stepping on the man’s face,Attack other parts of the body quickly,Curse while acting,Plus Song Kangsong’s screams from time to time,The scene is quite tragic。
“You want to offend my boss, right?,You fucking ate bear gall!”
“Can you move my boss?!Who the hell do you think you are!”
“It would be okay to let Qin Feng calm down today,if not,Lao Tzu***Abolished you directly!”
In a while,The man is already lying on the ground like a dead dog。
The man’s name is Song Kangsong,Can be considered a rich second generation,Recently he noticed a female student still in school,After he launched a series of offensives,Who knows that the girl student ignored her at all,Hatred slowly appeared in Song Kangsong’s heart。
After planning for a long time, he decided to stop and retaliate against her where the female student would pass every day.。
That day he called his good brother Zhong Hua to ambush in the alley,The female students who waited until the school was almost over,Just when he was fortunate that he was about to succeed, who knew that he met Qin Feng and Yunxiang who just happened to be passing by。
“okay,Go away!”Qin Feng is almost done,So Yunxiang stopped,I can’t let him keep fighting。
The two heard this voice,If amnesty。
The other man who was kneeling was standing up,Lying down, Song Kangsong struggled to get up,He feels more painful,Slower。
Qin Feng walked to the female student who was still curled up on the ground,Look down at her:“do not be afraid,You are safe,Hurry home”。
The female student looked up at Qin Feng,Trembling and said:“Thank you”。Seeing the female student with a frightened expression, Qin Feng asked Yun Xiang to send her home first。
He knows what happened today,It’s a nightmare to her,Even if it was rescued, it left an indelible mark in my heart。
“***!Hua brother,Who is Brother Xiang in your mouth just now?。”
Toyota overbearing,Song Kangsong wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth,Can’t help but scold。