Friday, March 31


“And all those funny initiations in the Gee Eyes!” came from Roger.佛山夜生活上门

“I think if I could do it, I’d like to go back to 147my first days there, even if I had to stand Gus Plum’s insolence,” said Dave, his eyes glistening.

“Yes. But we wouldn’t stand for such fellows as Merwell and Jasniff,” added Roger quickly.

“Oh, let’s forget all those bullies!” broke out Phil. “If we should——”

Phil did not finish, for Dave had suddenly put up his hand as a warning to be silent. Now our hero motioned his chums behind some of the rocks and brushwood beside the trail. Then he pointed to a large, flat rock a distance farther on.

“A bear!” gasped Shadow.

“Two of them!” burst out Ben, in a low tone. And then he added quickly: “I’ll bet they are the two animals I saw when I was taking those pictures!”

“Perhaps so, Ben,” answered Dave in a whisper; “although we are a pretty good distance from where you spotted 佛山桑拿按摩上门服务 them. However, that doesn’t matter just now. The question is—what are we going to do?”

“Shoot ’em!” came promptly from all of the others in a breath.

Evidently the horses had either scented or sighted the bears, for they showed great uneasiness. The bears, however, did not seem to be aware of the presence of their enemies. Both were bending down on the rocks, as if examining something intently.

148“They are eating something,” said Roger, a moment later. “See how eagerly they are lapping it up.”

“Maybe it’s some wild honey,” suggested Phil. “I understand bears are all crazy about anything that is sweet.”

The shipowner’s son was right. The bears had come upon the remains of a “bee tree” which had been blown down by the recent high winds. A section of the tree containing a large portion of the honey had struck the rocks, and 佛山桑拿价格2012 the honey had spread in every direction. Now the two animals were frantically lapping up the sweet stuff, each trying to get his fill before the other got it away from him.

“I guess Roger and I had better fire first,” said Dave. “I’ll take the bear on the left, and you, Roger, take the one on the right. Then, as soon as we have fired, you other fellows can let drive for all you are worth with your automatics while we are reloading. Then, if the bears are not dead by that time, we’ll try our best to give them another dose of lead.”

So it was arranged, and a moment later the crowd of five dismounted and tied their horses to some trees. Then they crept forward, keeping as much as possible behind the rocks, so that the feeding bears might not see them.

Ordinarily the bears would have been on the 149alert, and their quick sense of 佛山桑拿浴特殊服务smell would have made it impossible for the youths to get within shooting distance. But now both animals were so absorbed in lapping up the honey spread around on the rocks, that they paid absolutely no attention to anything else. It is also possible that the smell of the honey was so strong that it helped to hide every other odor.

“Now then, fellows, are you ready?” whispered Dave, when they had gained a point behind the rocks which was not over a hundred and fifty feet from the bears.

“All ready!” was the whispered return.

It must be confessed that some of the youths were nervous. Shadow’s hand shook as he started to level his automatic pistol. Had he been called on to face a bear all alone, it is quite likely that he would have been struck with what is known among hunters as “buck fever,” and would have been totally unable 佛山桑拿哪里有 to do anything.

Bang! crack! went the shotgun and the rifle. And almost immediately came the crack! crack! crack! of the three automatic pistols.

Then, as the bears whirled around and started to run, Dave fired again, and so did Roger, and the others continued to discharge their small firearms as rapidly as possible.

Dave’s first shot had been a most effective one, taking one of the bears directly in an ear and an 150eye. This had been followed up by the second shot, and also several shots from the pistols, and presently the animal raised up on his hind legs and then came down with a crash, to roll over and over among the rocks and brushwood.

“He’s done for, I think!” cried our

hero with much satisfaction.

“Don’t be too sure,” remonstrated Ben, who was close behind. “He may be playing ’possum.”

In the meantime, the other 佛山桑拿论坛 bear had leaped out of sight behind some of the rocks. Now, as Dave stopped to reload the double-barreled shotgun, the others went on, intent, if possible, on bringing the second beast low. That he had been hit, there was no doubt, for he had squealed with pain and flapped one forepaw madly in the air.

The youths with the pistols were the first to again catch sight of the second bear. He stood at bay between a number of large rocks, and snarled viciously as soon as he caught sight of them. He arose on his hind legs and made a movement as if to leap directly toward them.

“Shoot! Shoot!” yelled Roger, and discharged his rifle once more. But the shot whistled harmlessly over the bear’s head. Then the other youths took aim with their pistols, hitting bruin on the shoulder and in the thigh.

These wounds were not dangerous, but they 151maddened the beast 佛山桑拿论坛0757 very much; and, with a roar of rage, the bear suddenly leaped from between the rocks and made directly for the crowd of young hunters.
“Look out there!”

“He’s coming this way!”

“Run for your lives!”

These shouts were mingled with shots from several of the pistols, none of which, however, took effect, for the sudden advance of the wounded bear had disconcerted the aim of the young hunters.

The youths scattered to the right and the left behind the rocks and brushwood, and as the bear came lumbering forward, it looked as if for the time being he would have the place entirely to himself. Then, however, he caught sight of Roger and made a savage leap for the senator’s son.

Fortunately for the youth, the rifle he carried was a repeating weapon, and now he let drive once more, sending a ball along 佛山桑拿js bruin’s flank. But this attack only served to increase the rage of the animal, and with a ferocious snarl he sprang forward and made a pass at Roger with one of his heavy paws.

153Had this blow landed as intended, it is more than likely the senator’s son would have been felled and perhaps seriously hurt. But by a quick backward spring, the young civil engineer dodged the attack. Then he fired again, and this was followed almost simultaneously by discharges from the pistols of Phil and Ben. But all the bullets flew harmlessly over the beast’s head.

“Run, Roger! Run!” yelled the shipowner’s son. “Run, or he’ll knock you down sure and kill you!”

Roger needed no such advice, because he already realized his peril. He turned to retreat, but in his haste tripped over the uneven rocks and went pitching headlong into some nearby 佛山夜生活888 brushwood.

It was at this time, when the matter looked exceedingly serious, that Dave came once more to the front. He had succeeded in reloading the shotgun, and now, advancing rapidly, he took careful aim at the bear and fired twice.

The first discharge from the shotgun took the huge beast directly in the neck, and as he made a leap forward, as if to cover the distance that separated him from our hero, the second dose of shot landed in his stomach. He let out a frightful roar of pain and rage, and then pitched forward with a crash on a rock and rolled over and over down into a nearby hollow.

154“Reload as fast as you can, fellows!” ordered Dave. “Don’t take any chances. Neither of those beasts may be dead;” and he started at once to look after his own weapon.